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**NEW!! Hi-Lux 2.0 Pod-Spot Beam 10-20225

**NEW!! Hi-Lux 2.0 Pod-Spot Beam 10-20225

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Hi-Lux 2.0 Pod. Another addition to our Hi-Lux 2.0 line. This powerful pod-style light illuminates in a spot beam pattern. The temperature control system warms up the lens when you first turn it on to melt any snow or ice that may have accumulated there. Connect yours easily with our H1 or H2 wiring harness (sold separately).

Hi-Lux 2.0 Pod

4800 Lumens
40 Watts
Amp Draw: 3.39 amps @ 12V
Beam Pattern: 90° Flood
Colour Temperature: 6000K
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Temperature Control System
Lifetime Warranty
** This product works with our black and amber 4/6 pack light covers

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