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5K Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs 5000 Lumens

5K Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs 5000 Lumens

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These fit most vehicles with the model year 2000 & newer, please check your owners manual for the model needed for your individual vehicle. these lights are up to 4x brighter than stock bulbs. Some vehicles may require an anti-flicker and/or resistor. **Note Resistors are to be installed outside the headlight housing.


Brightness: HI/5000Lm LOW/2500Lm Per Bulb
Operating Voltage: DC10-30V
Colour Temperature: 6000K
Cooling Method: Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum heat sink
Operating Temperature: -40°F to +176°F
Waterproof Rating: IP67
CE Approved
ROHS Compliant
1-year Warranty

**PLEASE NOTE: Certain vehicles, especially older ones, that use the high beam bulb as the DRL typically drop the voltage to the bulb by half (~6 volts) so the DRL will be less bright than the high beam. LED headlights are designed to run at 9v/10v minimum. Voltages lower than this will not provide the power needed to run the DRL. This issue is not considered a defect in the bulbs and is common for all LED bulb manufacturers.

Please check with your manufacturer prior to purchasing.


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