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Speed Demon

**SALE!! 6" LED Slim Disc Pot Light 15-3009

**SALE!! 6" LED Slim Disc Pot Light 15-3009

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Our 6" pot lights allow you to adjust the colour temperature with a switch on the driver. They are an integrated solution that utilizes top-of-the-line LED chips in a revolutionary new low-profile design. Lasting up to 17 times longer than incandescent lighting with more than 70% energy savings. The perfect solution where recessed lighting is needed in new construction or remodeling applications.

3000K – Produces a relaxing light that is also great for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

4000K - A cooler, whiter colour than 3000K. It is traditionally used in offices, waiting areas, and most commercial applications. 

5000K – Produces a very cool light that is best for commercial and industrial purposes.


1000 Lumens
100%-10% TRIAC Dimming
12 Watts
30 Day Warranty - Money back or replacement when possible

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